Fund Characteristics

  • The TETON Westwood Mighty MitesSM Fund seeks long-term capital appreciation.

  • The Fund focuses on securities of companies which appear underpriced relative to their Private Market Value (PMV) with Catalysts to unlock that value. PMV is the price the Fund's Adviser believes a strategic buyer would be willing to pay for the entire company.

  • The Fund primarily invests in micro-cap equity securities that have market capitalizations of $500 million or less at time of investment.

Investment Strategy

  • Diversified portfolio of micro-capitalization equities

  • Invests in companies with above average revenue and earnings growth

  • Focus on underpriced companies relative to their private market value

  • Seeks to exploit market inefficiencies associated with micro cap companies

Portfolio Management

Mario J. Gabelli, CFA
Chief Executive Officer
GAMCO Investors, Inc

  • M.B.A. Columbia Graduate School of Business

  • B.S. Fordham University

  • Founded GAMCO Investors, Inc. in 1977

  • Fund manager since inception

  • Co-Portfolio Manager with Laura S. Linehan, CFA, Sarah Donnelly, and Adam Trivison, CPA

The stocks of smaller companies may trade less frequently and experience more abrupt price movements than stocks of larger companies, therefore, investing in this sector involves special challenges. Investing in micro capitalization stocks may involve greater risk than investing in small, medium and large capitalization stocks, since they can be subject to more abrupt or erratic movements in price. TETON Westwood Mighty Mitessm Fund may invest in relatively new or unseasoned companies, which are in their early stages of development, or micro cap companies positioned in new and emerging industries. Micro-cap companies may be illiquid. Securities of micro-cap and unseasoned companies present greater risks than securities of larger, more established companies.

The Fund's share price will fluctuate with changes in the market value of the Fund's portfolio securities. Stocks are subject to market, economic and business risks that cause their prices to fluctuate. When you sell Fund shares, they may be worth less than what you paid for them. Consequently, you can lose money by investing in the Fund.

Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, sales charges and expense of the fund carefully before investing. The prospectus contains more complete information about this and other matters. The prospectus should be read carefully before investing. You can obtain a free prospectus by calling Teton Advisors, Inc. at 1-800-WESTWOOD (1-800-937-8966), or contacting your financial representative or by visiting http://www.tetonadv.com.

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